Esopus Whitewater FunFest
June 1-2, 2013
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Beginning in 2010, KCCNY's traditional Annual Esopus Slalom was enlarged and enhanced by the addition of a diverse array of other activities for whitewater paddlers, creating the Esopus Whitewater FunFest! This expanded event is designed to engage whitewater paddlers with a wide variety of interests and abilities. Following are some of the highlights of this exciting new event:
  • 47th Annual KCCNY Esopus Slalom
  • 5th Annual KCCNY Downriver Sprint Race
  • "Head-to-Head" Boater Cross Competition
  • "Run-of-River" Freestyle Competition
  • River Trips on Esopus Creek
  • Saturday Night Buffet Dinner - BYOB
  • FREE raffle for goods & services donated by sponsors
  • Optional Group Camping available at Sleepy Hollow Campground
Register before May 25th and save $10 per person!

Like the traditional Esopus Slalom, all paddling activities of the Esopus Whitewater FunFest will center around Railroad Rapids, a Class II rapid located on Esopus Creek at Woodland Valley Road just west of Phoenicia, NY. While participants in any of the FunFest competition activities should be comfortable negotiating Class II whitewater such as that found on Railroad Rapids. Non-paddlers are welcome to register for and participate in the FunFest's non-paddling activities. Payment of a single low registration fee enables participation in all FunFest activities. Participants are responsible for providing their own boat and paddling gear (PFDs & helmets required) for the paddling activities; however, participants do NOT need any specialized competition equipment. All competition and non-competition paddling activities can be entered using standard recreational whitewater canoes or kayaks. Participants using specialized competition equipment (e.g. slalom canoes and kayaks) will compete in separate race categories solely for such craft.

NOTE: On-site registrations will be limited due to the need to order food for the dinner. Sign up early for the best deal! Don't miss out on all the fun.

How can I help?

The course will be set up during the day Friday and we could use a number of hands that day to set up the gates. All slalom racers will receive work assignments associated with the slalom race on Sunday, typically serving as a gate judge for a portion of the race. Additionally volunteers are needed to help with preparations and coordination of other elements of the FunFest throughout the weekend. If you are interested in volunteering during the event, e-mail either the event or competition chairs as noted below. Volunteers who help set up the race on Friday will have the FunFest registration fee waived.

See you at the Esopus Whitewater FunFest!

John Coraor, Competition Chair

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