Jack Goldstein Award
Over the years KCCNY members have been honored as recipients of this prestigious award. It Is a recognition not necessarily given every year, but usually bestowed upon “unsuspecting” individuals for work on behalf and for the good of the Club and its members.

There cannot be nor should there be any competition in efforts to win this trophy. No outstanding achievement can be performed to earn this recognition. In order to understand the value of being its recipient, one must learn the legacy of Jack Goldstein.

For many years recipients were men and women who had known and worked alongside Jack in building KCCNY, indeed Jack’s “brain child.”

Jack Goldstein, a low-key individual who loved nature, sports, the outdoors and, above all, his fellow man, was interested in respect for and conservation of our natural resources. Kayaking the many wild and scenic rivers of the northeast has been his and his family’s avocation. It was this interest and desire to share his love of God’s given beauty with as many friends and “soon-to-be” friends which brought him together with many early river runners whose names have become synonymous with the legend of our sport. It was the idea of Jack and his friends to form an unstructured club whose main interests would lie in the enjoyment of wild and scenic waterways and to find similarly inclined persons.

Thus KCCNY was founded and grew. In the early years we also became involved in racing and in the development of national champions as well as world-class competitors.

When Jack passed away in September of 1967, a committee recommended that his work must never be forgotten. Competitors would win trophies, many boaters would come and go. Some would be remembered for deeds and accomplishments good, and some perhaps not so good. But work the like of Jack Goldstein’s would become legend.

Criteria thus established would resemble Jack Goldstein’s continuous constructive work for the betterment of whitewater sport on and off the water and for KCCNY in particular. Recognition is thus awarded for many years of devoted, intuitive, Imaginative and creative service to our Club.

The recipients have been:

   1968 Edgar Alexander       1969 Miriam Alexander
   1970 Robert Manning       1971 Gerhard Mueller
   1973 Bonnie Bliss       1974 Edward Bliss
   1976 Robert Nelson       1977 Thomas Daniel
   1978 Sandy Johns       1979 William Huber
   1980 Ralph Johns       1981 Anita Lustenberger
   1982 James Raleigh       1983 Denis McLane
   1984 Maria Daniel       1985 Michael Malone
   1988 Edward Hanrahan       1989 Ann Cali
   1991 Phyllis Horowitz       1992 Helen Chase
   1993 Donald Mason       1994 Ken Fischman
   1995 Charles Peterson       1996 Pierre DeRham
   1997 Daniel Lennox       1998 Marian Greenfield
   1999 Jane Bernstein       2000 William Thomas
   2001 Ken Voytac    2002 Cheryl Shiber
2003 Pete Skinner 2004 Roger Gocking
2005 Jack Moskowitz 2006 Lauren Cook
2007 Ellen Moskowitz 2008 Laura Kirsch
2009 Dave King 2010 Wayne Gulmantovicz
2011 Dan Kirsch 2013 John Coraor
2018 Fran Duggan 2019 Andy Frey

Congratulations to all Goldstein Award recipients. Their service to KCCNY over the years has made them worthy of all our thanks.

The Goldstein Award itself is a porcelain sculpture by early member Gerhardt Meuller.
Jack Goldstein Award